26 mars 2008


Above, on your left, a picture of Richard Lindsey's pocket knife that Coffin supposedly received as a gift for having helped the three American hunters. Lower, on your left, Eugene Lindsey’s pick-up truck. Lloyd Annett, a mechanics of Wakeham, noticed that the gas pump had not been touched, he put a new battery and drove it to Gaspé. On your right, the gas pump that the police found in the apartment of Coffin’s concubine Marion Petrie in Montreal.
Centre d'archives de la Gaspésie/Musée de la Gaspésie. P123 Fonds Georges-Étienne Blanchard. Boîte 1.

Young Richard Lindsey, one of the three American hunters, whose remains were found in the Gaspé bush in July 1953, would have given Coffin this multi-use pocket knife for having helped them to fix the pick-up truck. That knife was a graduation gift he had received from a relative in the US Air Force in Japan. Coffin had diagnosed that the gas pump was defective. The young Lindsey accompanied Coffin to Gaspé to buy a new one. They indeed bought a new one but it was never installed. This brand new gas pump was later on found in the apartment of Coffin’s mistress in Montréal.
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