28 janvier 2008


I shall post soon chapter 4, volume 1, pages 101 to 119, of the Brossard Report, on COFFIN'S MINING CLAIMS AND EXPENSES. In this chapter, justice Brossard closely examines all of Coffin's claims and the money he spent in the days following the murder of the American hunters.

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Anonyme a dit...

GOOD, and the questions asked were..WHO would have had something to gain by the death of the three amercians? (you say you have the answer written in your book)
who took over mr. coffins mining clams after he was jailed???????(you say you have the answer written in your book)
the mining claims could have been motive.you say justice brossard examines the mining claims, we get it, but thats old news... does he say who took over mr. coffins mining claims, who profited form them in 1953 to 1956?????
you keep talking about some amercian money that mr. coffin had...Hell, i dont beleive this means a thing, half of gaspe had amercian money in those days, just ask around Gaspe!!!there were many amercians in Gaspe over those years...
why in 1968 i had some myself, from tips from amercian tourists...
I never got hung for that!!!!
in the bar at the ash inn there used to be some amercian money behind glass all over one wall.
Have you made a trip to Gaspe sir?

awaiting your answers.

Raphaël S. Barchichat a dit...

Il est incroyable qu'après plus de cinquante ans, on ne réussisse toujours pas à conclure hors de tout doute raisonnable sa culpabilité ou d’être convaincu de son innocence. Je dirais qu’encore aujourd’hui l’affaire Coffin reste un mystère pour tous. On a des arguments de part et d’autres qui sont convaincants. L’expression «seul le temps le dira» n’est certainement pas applicable ici ! Raphaël S. Barchichat, Comité sur les Erreurs Judiciaires de la Faculté de Droit de l’Université de Montréal une filiale de Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted.