20 octobre 2009



À ceux qui demandaient à Alton Price de divulguer le fruit de ses recherches au sujet de Philippe Cabot, voici un courriel qu’il m’a fait envoyer aujourd’hui par Christine :


To those of you who requested Alton to reveal his findings about Philippe Cabot, here is an email he had Christine sent me today:
Dear Mr. Fortin,

As I am having 'mega' trouble with my 'office word' at present, I am sending Alton's explanation re Cabot in this e-mail. Afraid it will be a long e-mail, but at least you will receive it promptly.

I am sure that there will be plenty of comments.

Also, I shall be forwarding one or two photos of Philippe Cabot as soon as Alton brings me the photos. I shall have to scan them first, but will send them to you A.S.A.P.


Philippe Cabot - Unofficially named murderer of Eugene Lindsey, Richard Lindsey and Fred Clair in June, 1953. Named by his daughter Micheline Cabot in 'La Presse', November 19, 2006. Journalist; Mario Girard.

There was, and is a grim realization that whoever murdered the two boys was a cold blooded killer. Eugene Lindsey could have made enemies in his own region, but there was no hint that anyone in PA, U.S.A. wanted to kill him.

June, 1992:

A phone call to Sen. Jacques Hebert inquiring about a sibling or siblings of Francois Gravel resulted in some very startling news. Sen. Hebert had been contacted by a M. Roger Gervais from Montreal who had a great deal of information about Philippe Cabot. After Sen. Hebert related the story there was a silence and then we both said, "This is it!" - Not much sleep that night!

The background of M. Gervais:

Roger Gervais was a friend of both Angeline Cabot and Micheline Cabot.

He was a solid citizen who once had a share in a hunting and fishing camp in the Baie James area. He was a bush pilot who flew in clients and supplies before the flooding for the Hydro-Electric project.

He did some contracting work, operated his own garage and owned an apartment building. During the time he and I cooperated the garage was leased. Sadly, M. Gervais is not well enough to take part in this cause anymore. He did do his share.

Information given by Roger Gervais: In October of 1991 the one remaining son of Philippe Cabot was visiting Micheline and Angeline Cabot in Montreal. Gabriel Cabot was living in Fermont at the time. They talked about their younger days when they lived on Church Lane in Barachois, Gaspésie. It was then that Gabriel told them that their father had killed the three Americans in 1953 and that he had been a witness to the murders. It is not clear whether he told them that Edmund, his older brother, was at the scene also. He probably was because it was revealed to Marion Scott in 2006 that Edmund was there as well.

Angeline Cabot gave Roger Gervais a written account of Gabriel's story because both sisters wanted M. Gervais to take the information to the Quebec Justice Department.

Before explaining what happened with the Justice Department the reader will want to know what Gabriel had to say.

M. Roger Gervais referring to the document that Angeline gave him related some of Gabriel's account. Gabriel said that when they entered the woods they met a jeep with two men in it and that there was an argument over the right of way. A study of vehicle tracks would indicate that they entered on the oil well road near Murdochville.

He then described the grisly murder of Eugene Lindsey at Camp 24. Philippe left Gabriel and the hand gun in the truck.

Philippe Cabot was a strong and capable physical specimen. Gabriel said that Philippe went at Eugene with his hands and that Eugene put up his rifle as a threat. Cabot tore the rifle out of his hands and hit Lindsey on the head with it (when the rifle was found near Eugene's skeleton a month later, there was a piece of scalp on the rear sight).

After knocking Lindsey down, Cabot then finished him off by running over him with the truck. When Eugene Lindsey's skeleton was found, his head and lower leg bones were missing (bears have been known to crush a deer's head to get what was in it). Eugene was five foot eight (or sixty-eight inches) tall. - The distance between the wheels of a standard vehicle is fifty inches.

Everything that Gabriel said corresponds with what the searchers found and with the pathologist's report. After killing Lindsey Cabot said that he had been brutal with Eugene because he had been fresh with Marie-Blanche, Cabot's wife.

The Lindsey party had arrived in Gaspe on June 8th, 1953 at 8:00 a.m. to buy supplies and get woods permits. - Where had Eugene and the boys spent the night?

An American named Farley from Mass. had a summer house in Barachois near the water where there is now an overhead railway pass. Some residents were aware that Farley was engaged in the contraband liquor business.

Lucille Cabot, the oldest of the Cabot children, worked as a maid for Mrs. Farley. M. Gervais said that after Gabriel told his story, Lucille revealed to the family that the Lindsey party had stopped at the Farley house on June 7th, 1953. However, when I spoke to her in 1994, she 'couldn't remember, because she was only 14 or 15 at the time'.

Not too much was related to me about the killing of the boys. There was a mention of somebody throwing up cans. Presumably the boys thought that they were having a target contest, not realizing that they were the targets.

In early 1992 Roger Gervais, armed with Angeline's written account took the information to the Quebec Justice Department when Gilles Remillard was Minister of Justice. Two agents of the Sûreté were appointed and they met Roger Gervais in Montreal. When they were leaving, one policeman told Roger Gervais not to be naive enough to think there would be much effort put into the case.

They reported back that when they contacted Gabriel Cabot, he at first said that he 'couldn't remember' and when pressed further said that he 'read it in a book'. - It never was in a book.

Roger Gervais and Micheline Cabot tried very hard to persuade Gabriel to make an official statement. I tried by sending him my book (both French and English versions) and by letters, other people wrote to him as well. He died without complying with the requests.

In 2006, Micheline Cabot, through her lawyer, gave her information to the Criminal Conviction Review Group in Ottawa.

During the World War, Philippe Cabot worked at the military base at Sandy Beach. He was a good mechanic and when British ships docked needing minor engine repairs, he was taken aboard where it seems he could do the work. On the base there were three drinking clubs, Officer’s Mess, NCO's mess and the enlisted men's mess or canteen where on Saturday nights dances were held; local women were welcome, but not local men. Cabot apparently was allowed in that establishment because of his special skills.

Marie-Blanche's (Philippe Cabot's wife) story:

Marie-Blanche told the children that she was with him when he deliberately hit a man with his truck. She said that Philippe Cabot had had an argument with someone inside and when they left, the man was walking along the road. Nobody was around at the time and she said Cabot ran into him with the truck. Some people remember that the victim was a serviceman and that he froze to death in the snow. This happened at Sandy Beach. It was early in the marriage and the children did not identify with Sandy Beach. Nothing like that ever happened in Barachois. He was never charged with the crime.

At the request of Roger Gervais I phoned Philippe Cabot in 1993 or 1994. When I suggested that he knew everything about the murders he at first became very angry and then cunning. When I mentioned that he had once lived at Sandy Beach he refused to talk anymore.

A reminder about money:

At the Preliminary Inquiry of August 28th, 1953, Mrs. Mary Lindsey testified that Eugene had taken $ 650.00 out of their savings account the day he left for the hunting trip. She added that she did not know how much more he might have carried. Since they drove non-stop, there were no motel bills; therefore the trip to Gaspe cost him very little.

From the time he came out of the woods until he reached Montreal, Wilbert Coffin spent between $ 70.00 to $ 80.00. The Supreme Court had used the figure of $65.00. In Montreal Wilbert had to start raising money from his father, his brother Donald and from Harold Petrie, who bought his German Luger.

This being the case, who had Eugene Lindsey's money? In 1993 one reliable person near Barachois made this remark, "Cabot never worked too much after that".
Philippe Cabot left Barachois in 1956 after burning his house.

Alton Price
Denison Mills, Que.

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Anonyme a dit...

Les aveux de Cabot font penser à ceux de l'Indien à Miami. C'est pas sérieux.

Anonyme a dit...

Ouais! Après avoir pris connaissance de la preuve écrasante contre Coffin, c'est difficile de croire à cette hypothèse. Il faudrait prouver ca. Mais comment?
B. Soucy

Anonyme a dit...

Moi, après avoir tout lu sur Coffin, je n'achète pas cette histoire.

Anonyme a dit...

M. Soucy,
Vous avez peut-être raison. Mais je crois que les gars à Ottawa devraient vérifier ces faits. On pourrait une fois pour toute classer l'affaire Coffin.
Denise Aubry

A. Saby a dit...

Hello Mr. Fortin and Mr. Price.

I am glad to see that you two gentlemen have teamed up on this affair to finally get to the root of it all as it has been very confuseing.
I have been convinced in my mind that wilber Coffin was not guilty and I had read of this Cabot thing before but when I see it written in the same facts as you have done I can see a new meaning.
I always figured that this cabot thing was just another story that got started but consider the facts as both Cabot and Coffin knew the forest and as you state Cabot had trouble with people and Coffin could have directed him into the woods to where lindsey was because Coffin knew where he was.
I now believe that while Coffin may not have been guilty of the complete crime he was a partner to it.thank you gentlemen for making me realise that and understand how it could happen especially where mr. Price says how much money Cabot might have had as he said he never worked much anymore. coffin was a drinker so he might have been paid off with a few bottles of liquer and a few dollars plus a few goods that belonged to the hunters.
I am sure there are many in the Gaspe who will finally see some stuff on this that finally makes some sence. Thank you again gentlemen

A. Saby

Anonyme a dit...

new information i guess, something to ponder over. could be possible, makes sense that the murderer was from Gaspe. also that there was a woman involved, cabots wife. But, if cabots two sones were there and witnessed those killing, described the way Eugene Lindsay was killed, noone mentioned richard Lindsay and fred clarr.How were they killed? i would imagine the hunters were all together in the same spot. why were the bodies found so far apart? If the son witnessed the killings, then surly he would know what happen with fred clarr and richard lindsay. why did noone in gaspe find the bodies for 30 days? why when Lindsays wife called to miller the guide, it was said he knew exacally where to look because he had guided the party in the past. was coffin indirectly involved? whatever happen, i beleive there were more people in Gaspe involved. once again, there is no proof, no confession from the killer, it is once again he said she said, and hearsay does not solve a murder.

Anonyme a dit...

Me Fortin,
Le village de Barachois où demeurait Philippe Cabot a été fondé en 1953, l'année des meurtres des trois chasseurs américains. Il est tout a fait surprenant que la seule personne
dont nous ayons un témoignage relativement à Philippe Cabot , soit Régis Quirion , un personnage soit dit en passant , pas très crédible . N'y avait-il personne d'autre dans ce nouveau village , pas de maire , d'épicier , de garagiste , de policier, etc ?
Quirion affirmait que Cabot travaillait à l'usine frigorifique pour l'entreposage du poisson, il doit bien y avoir quelques personnes l'ayant connu et ayant travaillé avec lui dans cet usine ,c'était la seule usine du village et presque tous les gens du village y travaillait .
Quirion affirme que Cabot n'avait pas d'autommobile , difficile à croire quand on sait que Cabot était mécanicien de son état .
Mr Price n'est pas très à propos quand il nous raconte que Cabot avait un vieux ski-doo , qu'est ce que cà vient faire là-dedans ?
Il n'y a donc personne à Barachois qui peut venir anonymement sur le blog pour clarifier tous ces mystères ?
Pourquoi a-t-on si peur , même après 50 ans , de s'ouvrir la trappe et de parler ?

Clément Fortin a dit...

Je viens de transmettre vos commentaires à Alton, lui demandant de réagir.
Ces personnes qui prétendent connaître quelque chose n’ont pas peur. Elles n’ont tout simplement rien à dire. Peut-être quelques ragots pour se rendre intéressantes. Rien de plus. Le procès devant le jury de Percé leur a offert l'occasion de parler. La Commission Brossard les a invitées au moyen d'annonces dans les journaux à venir témoigner. La Commission payait leurs frais de déplacement et de séjour. De plus, la Commission a même siégé à Percé.

George Adams a dit...

Finally Mr.Price you speak out publicly on this affair. I am glad to see you do this. I am sure that the Coffin family now have a better understanding of what probably happened and down deep be pleased that you have taken this route. I know that you have a lot more proof to supply and I anxiously await it.

George Adams
Burlington, Ontario

Anonyme a dit...

after reading this post it seems to be a far fetched story, and nothing but a story. cabot met a jeep with 2 men in it---the lindsay party had 3 men--- makes no sense that the 2 boys would think they were having a target practice, when they had just watched cabot killing Eugene Lindsay. this whole story makes no commen sense.

Anonyme a dit...

Explanation in answer to posts.

Philippe Cabot's Truck:-

When Solveig Miller interviewed me for the program 'ENJOU', she said someone in Barachois had told her that Philippe Cabot had no automobile.

I referred her to two reliable people who could confirm that Philippe Cabot had a truck at the time of the murders. One was a cousin of Philippe Cabot who still lives in Montreal. At the time in question this cousin had a garage in St. Georges de Malbaie. Although Philippe Cabot did most of his own mechanic work, his truck had been in the cousin's garage - probably for some special work.

I gave her the name of another garage owner in the area who could have assured her that Philippe Cabot owned a truck.

Instead of using this information, she, or they, chose to put Regis Quirion on the program. He is a Francophone and they had to 'dub' his French in order to understand it.

Bombardier Snow Machine:-

A retired Municipal Policeman found out that Philippe Cabot had purchased this secondhand machine from the lumberman, Alva McCallum.

A man who lived on a range road confirmed that Philippe Cabot did use the snowmobile as a taxi past where he lived. He added that it was not a very good machine.

There was another mention that a nurse who made home visits was transported by this taxi when she needed to travel a distance.

Wilbert Coffin - Philippe Cabot:-

It is farfetched to think that Wilbert Coffin had anything to do with Philippe Cabot. First, they lived in different communities and it is highly unlikely that they knew each other. According to a former neighbour of Philippe Cabot, he, Cabot, was a loner who did not communicate much with other people.

Philippe Cabot did not need any help in finding his way to the old logging camps. He had a brother in Murdochville that he used to visit.

Philippe Cabot had the opportunity to meet the Lindsey party at the house of the American, Farley, on the night of June 7th, 1953.

Alton Price

Anonyme a dit...

well the fact that it is written that cabots son said they met a jeep with 2 men in it, when the lindsay party was 3 men, also that the 2 young boys from lindsay party thought they were playing a game?? when they had just witnessed the murder of Eugene Lindsay. I would like alton price to explain this. there was a snowmobile that a nurse used to travel in, i beleive it was a nurse jones, this was in 1960. Barachois is not a great distance from Gaspe. anyone in Gaspe could have came in contact with cabot. THIS IS PART OF YOUR POST MR. PRICE THAT I AM HAVING TROUBLE WITH. WHEN THE 2 BOYS HAD TO HAVE SEEN EUGENE LINDSAY GET MURDERED? "Not too much was related to me about the killing of the boys. There was a mention of somebody throwing up cans. Presumably the boys thought that they were having a target contest, not realizing that they were the targets."?

Anonyme a dit...

Well well it looks like the gossips have switched from Stoddard to Price. PLEASE everyone read the evidence presented to the jury (plus the statutory declaration of WC). Both will convince you that this Cabot thing is another fairy tale. Gaspé seems to be the realm of Jos know it all.
A. Corriveau

Anonyme a dit...

I agree, a fairy tale. there was no confession from cabot, and just rambbling from cabots son. no proof that any of them were involved. this whole cabot story makes no sense at all. stoddard beleives he has his man,or men. Price beleives he has his man. good old dective stories.

Anonyme a dit...

Me Fortin:

D'après vous, Alton Price a-t-il lu la décaration statutaire de Coffin avant d'écrire son livre ?

Do you think Mr. Price read the statutory declaration of Coffin before penning his book?

Anonyme a dit...

Naturally, I have read Coffin's Statutory Declaration. I have also read Coffin's statements made at Dr. Lionel Rioux's Private Inquest of July 7, 1953.

Before studying the transcript of the trial (twice), I did not intend to write a book. Thought that Beliveau and Hebert had written it all. Found there were many facts and details that the public did not know, ie. Prosecutors lied to the Jury in their Plaidoiries about money and other things. Coffin's lawyer was not only incompetent, but had committed a criminal act.

Documents also studied:

- Preliminary Inquiry, August 28, 1953.

- Trial; Coffin vs. Regina, 1954.

- Jean Guy Hamel Perjury Trial, 1954.

- Pathologist's Report, 1953.

- Quebec Court of Appeals Judgments, July, 1955.

- Supreme Court Judgments, Dec. 1955 - Jan., 1956.

- Brossard Inquiry, 1964.

A Toronto Star reporter once wanted to interview me. I had sent her a book, but when she phoned she said she had not had time to read it and then proceeded to cross-examine me in a very high-handed manner. The interview ended by my telling her that if she had read the book she could have asked me some intelligent questions.

As for 'fairy tales', I have heard many of them. There were plenty of 'self appointed Sherlocks' in this case.

It doesn't really matter what people have to say about Cabot. One way or the other, it has little to do with what we are trying to achieve, which is to try to clear the name of Wilbert Coffin.

Alton Price

Anonyme a dit...

Coffin's lawyer was not incompetent, on the contrary. He knew all about the statutory declaration full of lies and contradictions, and he knew his client was through in cross examination if he brought him in the box.

Anonyme a dit...

you sre correct sir, it does not matter what people say about cabot, whom you have named as the guilty party. it does not matter what people say about the three men stoddard has named as the guilty party. what you and stoddard are both trying to do is clear wilbert coffins name. do i beleive coffin was guilty, no i do not. lets just all slow down for a minute, neither you nor stoddard have enough proof on those other men to accuse them of this terrible murder. I agree, lets clear wilbert coffins name, but lets not make a repeat of 1956 and put the noose around the neck of another innocent person to do it.

C. Martin a dit...

Mr. Price,

You speak with a forked tongue Sir. Who are you trying to fool? You state in your comment that you are trying to clear the name of Wilbert Coffin.

In your book you are calling for a pardon for Wilbert Coffin. My interpretation of a "pardon" is official forgiveness of a wrongful act, in this case, first degree murder. In other words a "pardon" is for the guilty, and "exoneration" is for the wrongly convicted.

In no way does a pardon clear anyones name. You should know that, and I am surprised that yur blog commander did not understand that as well being a lawyer.

You cannot sit on the fence and very simply you cannot have it both ways.

C. Martin
Kingston, Ontario

Anonyme a dit...

Me Raymond Maher est à réhabiliter au même titre que Coffin. Ce que dit M. Price de Me Maher est justement criminel. C'est une fairy tale de plus développée par les défenseurs de Coffin et exploitée à partir du fait que Me Maher avait un problème d'alcool. Et Saint-Coffin lui? Il ne buvait pas? Me Maher, alcool ou pas, savait Coffin coupable et littéralement cuit s'il présentait une défense. Parce qu'une défense veur dire un contre-interrogatoire, messieurs. Imaginez un instant votre Coffin dans le box des témoins! La Couronne aurait mis ce fieffé menteur en pièces. Le dilemne de Maher (et aussi de Me Gravel)était incroyable: dans un cas comme dans l'autre (défense ou pas de défense), leur client n'avait pas d'avenir. À cause justement de cette très incriminante déclaration statutaire que la Couromnne avait dans sa manche.
Les défenseurs de Coffin ne savent rien du droit, et personnellement, je ne crois pas du tout Alton Price quand il dit qu'il connaissait la déclaration statutaire de Coffin avant d'écrire sa fable. Si vous lisez les témoignages de la Commission Warren, vous vous apercevrez que c'est d'un commun accord (Coffin, sa famille, ses avocat)qu'a été prise la décision de ne pas présenter de défense. Tout le monde est prêt à dire n'importe quoi pour Coffin. Prenez Jacques Hébert. Il a basé ses livres, son "enquête" et sa conviction de l'innoncence de Coffin sur la fameuse jeep mystérieuse. Or voyez sa réaction quand il apprend l'affaire Cabot, tout à fait contaire aux données de son enquête: il jubile, disant avoir toujours cru Coffin innocent!
Bref, messieurs Price, Alain Historien et tous les raconteurs de ragots de la Gaspésie, allez suivre un cours de droit, de logique et d'honnêteté intellectuelle et surtout lisez la déclaration statutaire de votre héros.
P. Lafrance

Clément Fortin a dit...

To C. Martin,
I never mentioned the word
« pardon » on this blog. The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted committed itself to clear Wilbert Coffin’s name on the grounds that he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice. It’s always been my understanding. My only purpose in this action is to remind those politicians the promises they made the Coffin family in this respect. For example, I refer you to what they said in the House of Commons about this, on February 5th 2007. In the coming weeks, I shall post excerpts from the "very nice things" they said about this case. But you’re right. The distinctions must be made. What good a “posthumous pardon” would do the Coffin family? On my blog everey one is entitled to a personal opinion. Thanks for your comments.

C. Martin a dit...

Mr. Fortin,

You obviously did not read my comment. It was not addressed to you and your book. It was addressed to Mr. Price and his book and he does very definitely state that a "pardon" is sought for Mr. Coffin and it is right there in black and white for all to read.

C. Martin
Kingston, Ontario

Anonyme a dit...

By the way Cabot is talked about by Alton price it seems he was not a very nice man. I beleive had cabot commited such an act as the murder of these hunters, well i fear he would have braged about it while he was drinking,so if it was cabot, then i an sure half Douglastown & Barachios are aware of it. question people there!

Anonyme a dit...

To Mr. C. Martin:


Point 1: There cannot be a trial for a dead person.

Point 2: There are three classifications of pardons.

a) One granted because of reasonable doubt.

b) An unconditional pardon which means that he was innocent.

c) Governor General's Mercy - which was granted to women who killed their vicious male partners before they themselves were killed.

Alton Price

Clément Fortin a dit...

Listen to the interview given by Ms Elizabeth Widner, then co-chairperson of Aidwyc, on Radio-Canada Enjeux. She says that they have found new evidence. Later on in the documentary, a few new witnesses are interviewed. It was my understanding that Aidwyc would request a judicial revision of the case. Therefore, the case would probably be referred to the Court of appeal. But one must understand the pecularity of this case, Coffin being dead. It would be a precedent in the history of our criminal law. But whatever means are used will be gladly accepted if it is to relieve the Coffin family's sufferings.

Clément Fortin a dit...

Voici ce qu'AIDWYC affiche sur son site Web au sujet de Coffin:
Here is what AIDWYC posts on its Web site regarding Coffin:

Wilbert Coffin

Wilbert Coffin was hanged for murder in Quebec on February 10, 1956. The federal Justice Department is now investigating whether the Gaspé woodsman was actually guilty of the crime. The Criminal Convictions Review Group (CCRG) is studying whether there are grounds to overturn Mr. Coffin's 1954 conviction. This represents the first time the CCRG--whose mandate is to investigate possible miscarriages of justice--has examined a case where the convicted person is deceased. In AIDWYC's review process, lawyer and AIDYWC co-president, Elisabeth Widner, along with AIDWYC's Director of Client Services, Win Wahrer, have visited Gaspé, Quebec in search of evidence that could exonerate Coffin. His case was subsequently formally adopted by AIDWYC in September 2006. The investigation could lead to three possible outcomes: to dismiss the application, to refer the case to a Court of Appeal, or to recommend a new trial. Canada has never overturned a conviction posthumously. It would set an important precedent and argument against the death penalty, and provide some measure of solace to Mr. Coffin's remaining family members.

Anonyme a dit...

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