22 mai 2008


On February 29th 2008, James Coffin left a message on my blog. You may read it under the title CORONER’S INQUEST. He was announcing that he would start walking from Vancouver in May and arrive in Ottawa on the 23rd September. The purpose of his walk was to raise funds for AIDWYC and bring his father’s case to the attention of the Canadian public. He just told me today that his walk has been postponed till next year. Read below his answer to my e-mail.


Le 29 février 2008, James Coffin a publié un commentaire sur mon blogue. Je vous invite à le lire sous la rubrique CORONER’S INQUEST. Il annonçait qu’il allait marcher de Vancouver à Ottawa dans le but d’amasser de l’argent pour AIDWYC et de porter à l’attention des Canadiens la cause de son père. Il m’a informé aujourd’hui que cette marche a été remise à l’année prochaine. Lisez ci-dessous sa réponse à mon courriel.

Marie, Wilbert Coffin’s sister, has sent AIDWYC a bank draft of $10,200.00 to carry on the work of rehabilitating her brother’s name. She took about two years to raise these funds.

Marie, la soeur de Wilbert Coffin, a fait parvenir un chèque de 10 200 $ à AIDWYC pour lui permettre de continuer de travailler à la réhabilitation du nom de son frère. Elle a mis deux ans à ramasser cet argent.

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Subject: RE: Your walk from Vancouver to Ottawa

Hi James Coffin here the walk has been postponed till next year there was far more things that needed to be done to get the walk going but everything will be in place for the walk next year thank you for taking the time to get in touch with me James Coffin

From: clementf@sympatico.ca> To: jimca1@hotmail.com> Subject: Your walk from Vancouver to Ottawa Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 05:46:37 -0400

A few months ago, you posted on my blog that you would walk from Vancouver to Ottawa to raise funds for AIDWYC. You mentioned that you were to leave in May to arrive in Ottawa on September 23rd. I would like to update this information on my blog. Would you be kind enough to keep me posted. Thanks
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Anonyme a dit...

mr. fortin,
good site.
very interesting that james coffin would post on your site to tell he is not taking his walk, instead of posting on stoddard site.stoddard site has been inactive for many days.
I must say,this coffin case is intresting. there has been books written. seeems everyone out there is trying to solve this 50 year old murder.some even go so far as to name the killers, without any proof. as for the law force 50 years ago in Gaspe,they were a laughable bunch.did not have a clue how to investigate a murder case. although I beleive mr. stoddard came the closest, when he said there was a woman involved. He said he was going to post her name, and how she was involved. this never happen. I beleive the older generation of 50 years ago knew a lot, and from the talk of those people one learned a lot about the coffin case. mr. stoddard has made many mistakes when he speaks of some people in the Gaspe, guess you would have had to live here to really know the people. he is basing his information on what he is told by family members, and of course one always takes up for their own.
I did wonder by times whose name mr. stoddard was trying to clear, mr coffins, or billy bakers.since many of his postings were all about the baker family. in a murder case you cant base your investigation on heresay, or you will get thrown off the track. this is what happen 50 years ago.

Anonyme a dit...

Have you heard the news?
Sherlock Stoddard is back!

R Michaux

Anonyme a dit...

Good to hear Lew Stoddard is back. His web site is killingly funny.

Anonyme a dit...

Votre blogue est vraiment intéressant, maitre Fortin. Trompé par Jacques Hébert et par le cinéaste Labrecque comme bien des Québécois, je suis content de lire une autre version des faits.
René Lafontaine Montréal