10 juin 2015

Request to Prime Minister Harper for Wilbert Coffin's pardon


Request to Prime Minister Harper for Wilbert Coffin's pardon

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Saint-Sauveur, October 28th, 2014


The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister,
Langevin Block,
80 Wellington Street,
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A2

 Re. Request for Wilbert Coffin's pardon

Dear Prime Minister,

Your Correspondence Officer Executive replied to the letter I sent you on July 8th, 2014. I bring to your attention that he did not understand or did not want to understand my request to you for Wilbert Coffin’s pardon.

 You are the only one, Sir, who has the authority to exercise the royal prerogative to that end.  I pray you to grant Coffin the same pardon you granted to Western Canadian farmers who were convicted in the 1990s of taking their grain across the border to sell in the United States.

I also received a reply from the Ministers  of Justice and Public Safety. They told me that they are waiting for AIDWYC’s submissions. AIDWYC was engaged in having Wilbert Coffin’s name cleared. According to my research, Wilbert Coffin’s name may not be cleared because he was guilty of the crime for which he was accused and condemned.

I assure you that the octogenarian that I am becoming is only seeking justice and relief for the Coffin family and a great number of Gaspesians and Canadians still grieving Wilbert Coffin, a victim of the Second World War.

I hope that the next letter I will receive will come from the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief and will announce Wilbert Coffin’s pardon.

Yours truly,

Clément Fortin, retired lawyer and writer
40, de la Marquise Street
Saint-Sauveur (Québec) J0R 1R4




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