16 mai 2014

Clément Fortin's Response to Kerry Scullion, Director/General Counsel Criminal Conviction Review Group regarding Coffin's Pardon

Ma réponse à Me Kerry Scullion directeur du Groupe de révision des condamnations criminelles

 My response to Mr. Kerry Scullion, Director/General Counsel
Criminal Conviction Review Group


Saint-Sauveur,  May 2nd 2014


Mr. Kerry Scullion,

Director/General Counsel

Criminal Conviction Review Group

284 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0H8



Mr. Scullion,

I just returned home after a month of absence. It explains this late response to your letter dated April 10, 2014.


Pardon is requested because a crime was committed. If I had come to the conclusion that Wilbert Coffin was innocent, I would have requested that his name be cleared. For example, pardon was granted by the Queen to Alan Turing. He was never declared innocent but he was granted pardon.

You say that matters as miscarriage of justice « must be carefully reviewed in accordance with what the law requires. » You say that this has been done. But what has been done? You have been requested by the Canadian Parliament to review this matter seven years ago. You should by now be able to let us know your conclusions.

You mention that you are « currently awaiting submissions from counsel with the Association in Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted (AIDWYC) on behalf of the Coffin family. My understanding is that AIDWYC has no more interest in this affair. It would appear consequent after waiting for their submissions for seven years




I do not recall having received any of those letters you mention having been addressed to me on April 30, 2009, October 23, 2009, August 18, 2010, December 9, 2010, and February 15, 2012. I would appreciate receiving a copy of those letters.

Please read again my Request and you will understand that  as a result of my research on this affair I concluded that Coffin was guilty and that it was not a miscarriage of justice. So please correct your file accordingly.

Before submitting my request to the Ministers of Justice and Public Safety, I inquired about the procedure I should follow in this regard. At the Department of Justice of Canada, I was told to send my request to the Ministers of Justice and Public Safety.

Since you have not forwarded a copy of the letter you sent me to those Ministers, I will do so along with this letter and a copy of my request. To make sure there is no misunderstanding of my request let me quote the relevant paragraph : « The conclusions I arrived at in a study that I have made of Wilbert Coffin’s trial before the Court of Queen’s Bench, in Percé, in 1954, along with those of the Brossard Commission of Inquiry on the Coffin Affair, in 1964, do not, in my view, permit to clear Coffin’s name. However, to accomplish, even partially, the promises that many members of parliament have made to the Coffin family, a pardon granted to Wilbert Coffin would close this very sad affair.”


I am awaiting a favorable answer from the Ministers of Justice and Public Safety. At last, this will certainly relieve the Coffin family.


Yours truly,


Clément Fortin, writer and retired lawyer

40, de la Marquise Street

Saint-Sauveur (Québec) J0R 1R4

450 227 5044

C.C. Ministers of Justice and Public Affaire.


My Request for Pardon

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